How to Commission a Portrait

1. Initial Consultation


An initial consultation will take place via email, phone or in person to discuss a possible commission.  This would just be an initial chat to answer any questions and for me to gain an idea of the subject.  We would also discuss options of painting style and prices.  



2. Photographing the Subject


Good quality photographs of the subject will be needed.  These can be gathered in a number of ways - I can visit to take the photographs myself,

I can guide you in taking your own photographs via Zoom or Skype, or it can also be possible that you already have some photographs that we agree will make a good painting.



3. Beginning the Painting


An initial payment equal to 30% of the total fee will be required to secure the commission and then I can order the canvas and begin working on the portrait. I will also give you a "no-later-than" collection / delivery date, based on the estimates below.



4. Completion of the Painting


Estimated times for completion of each type of portrait are as follows:



Black and White Alla Prima Portrait 


3 weeks



Colour Alla Prima Portrait


1 month



Limited-Palette Portrait (Layered)


2 months



Full-Colour Portrait (Layered)


4 months



Large-Scale Portrait (Layered)


6 months +



The above estimates include time spent planning and drawing the composition of the portrait (after photo selection) as well as time for drying before delivery / collection.


The remaining 70% of the fee will then be due upon delivery / collection of the portrait.



Note: The exact composition and look of the painting will only emerge as part of the creative process and, although I will endeavour to keep all suggestions in mind, my priority will be in responding artistically to the subject and making a visually successful painting. In other words, be open for a unique painting that will bring conversation for many years to come!